Case Study: Drupal as the Enterprise Information Hub

In this session we will present a project started 3 years ago in a big corporation in Portugal, currently used by hundreds of collaborators. We will explain how did we design and customize an information hub built on drupal in order we could:

  • Capture knowledge on the form of content types from user contribution but also pulling information from related systems as enterprise workflow and traditional email.
  • Customize content creation and visualization directly by users: we extended CCK so that content type structure could be customized by groups and users. We provide ways to visualize information in context and directly from the node cloud.
  • Allow users to have personal dashboards where they can deploy widgets related to their daily work.
  • Promote personal categorization on the form of personal tags. Tagging can be shared by everyone, by a team or by different users who can also import tags suggestions to their own tagging cloud.
  • Challenge users to do certain activities and allow them to manage their list of personal tasks updating their colleagues when something is achieved. It helps them to remember and to transmit to others what are they doing right now.
  • Broadcast all status updates using a microblogging plataform ( directly connected and integrated in drupal. People choose who and what they want to follow , and can also use their defined personal tagging. As users, nodes are also entities in the system: each node has a personal activity stream where users can write and that can be followed in everyone's timeline.
  • Promote inovation based on our domain, using the hub as fun way of presenting new ideas, initiatives and project updates, enrich them with everyone inputs and select and evaluate the best ones.

We can find a brief online article about the project in

We will explain why did we choose Drupal to implement this project and where does it really excel. We will also share our concerns on the areas Drupal did not help us and that we would like to better explore in the future.

Paulo de Carvalho
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01 - Intro
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